Get ready for the Battle of the Blockchain universe!

The year is 2018. A very special star has been found. This star is known as Star I/O. During it's rare but powerful solar flares, the star emits unknown electromagnetic radiation affecting planets orbiting the I/O star. Not all planets are yet known to men. Once in a while new planets are discovered all being rare and unique with its own inhabited resources. The solar flares of I/O are generating new valuable and scarce resources on the planets in it's virtual universe.

Researchers and developers are looking for ways to visit and explore the existing planets. They want to build bases on those virtual worlds and find the valuable resources. Besides the standard unique resources it is believed that these planets can contain alien artefacts and materials that yet have to be found. We need people on those planets to discover them. We need real hero's.

Each planet will have its own storyline. From a common volcanic base to super rare extra terrestrial. All unique. All evolving. If you own a planet you can build your base and discover it trying to find the valuable resources. You can trade the resources with other planet owners or even trade the planet itself. The more resources are found, the more solar flares hit your planet, the more valuable and unique your planet will be.

There is danger too ... owning a planet brings a lot of responsibility. It can be attacked and resources can be stolen. You have to protect it!

About the project

At the time of writing development is at full speed. This project is started as a use case for the I/O Coin blockchain and all of it's power. Development is ongoing, step by step. Development steps and announcements will be done by using an original storyline on the project website.

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If you like the project, please help make ongoing development and future improvements possible. The Switching Brains Funds I/O Coin address is ifURRvG6asxQJauo9G8gGEfqnbYKzq3UYK