Using the IOC blockchain for planet ownership registry and transfer

Switching Brains and BlockchainBros. join forces to bring you a game for the I/O Coin blockchain and all of its power.

Planets to own

Each planet has its own story. From a common volcanic base to super rare unkown extra terrestrial surfaces. All unique, all evolving. If you own a planet you can build your base and discover it. Trying to mine its valuable resources and maybe picking up some rare artifacts along the way.

Ice type planet
Ice type
Lava type planet
Lava type
Unknown type planet
Unkown type
Rare planet type
… and many more

Extra terrestrial planet type

Planet claiming / pre-sale

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Get ready for the battle of the blockchain universe!

The year is 2021. A very special star has been discovered. This star is known as Star I/O. During rare and powerful solar flares, the star emits unknown electromagnetic radiation affecting planets orbiting the star.

Not all planets are yet known to men. Once in a while new planets are discovered; some being rare and unique with its own inhabited resources. The solar flares of Star I/O are generating new valuable and scarce resources on the planets in this virtual universe.

Start mining!

Researchers and developers are looking for ways to visit and explore the existing planets. They want to terraform and build bases on those virtual worlds and mine the valuable resources. Besides the standard unique resources, it is believed that these planets can contain alien artefacts and materials that yet have to be found. We need people on those planets to discover them. We need real hero's, we need you!

Build a mining station, hire mining staff and start mining for currency to create more bots, buildings and find more artefacts.

Meet the staff

Mining bot
Mining bot
Trooper bot
Trooper bot
Defense bot
Defense bot

Man the battle stations!!!

There is danger too … owning a planet brings a lot of responsibility. It can be attacked and resources can be stolen. You have to protect it!

Planets can attack each other. Planets can setup defense shields or satellites to avoid damage. The strength of your army decides who wins or loses.

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